expands its AI services in Japan

Mar 8, 2019

You have heard how AI is transforming data-intensive companies but how to do something similar within your own company? is delighted to announce that we have formally established our market entry into Japan. Takashi Nishida San has been appointed as Country Director to establish vision and develop the market so we can bring value of Artificial Intelligence to enterprises and professional learners.

AI comes to Japan

Takashi Nishida San is country director for our Japan Operations

AI transformation in Japan

AI transformation in Japan


Do not miss out on this unique opportunity to get insights from Tarry Singh, leader in AI training and technology. Tarry will share with you his insight and methods for transforming midsize as well as large companies into functioning AI companies in the Europe. Now we are bringing our expertise to Japan!

Data and Algorithms are backbone of AI


I have worked for Japanese and Singaporean companies in the mid-90s after my University education. I was fascinated by both the humility and discipline with which the I have worked with senior professionals in Japan region. I have kept going back to Japan for various conference and it feels like a second home to me.

Today has been growing fast globally and has trained over 22.000 managers and engineers alike and we felt it was time to look into Japan! When I spoke to Takashi Nishida San, it was immediately clear to both of us that this is the direction we need to take. Together we will embark to educate enterprises and professional learners with trainings in the field of Artificial Intelligence and I just cannot wait to get started!

– Tarry Singh, CEO

What are we launching already

AI – with the help of Machine and Deep Learning, once installed within business services has the ability to pull data from across the organization, enabling rapid, better decisions and faster time to market. Managing AI transformation on behalf of the enterprise allows the discipline to grow as a critical competence, thereby enabling a truly ‘learning’ organisation.
To keep up the momentum has already packaged its AI introductory program for educating their client community. The program will consist of three parts:
Introductory interactive discussion that explains about what is AI and what you can do with it, there 2-day program will guide you through practical use cases to get both managers and IT professionals to get a deep dive into the inner workings of building your case for a true data-driven AI project and finally the third program is for IT professionals who wish to get a deeper understanding of Machine Learning.

 Artificial Intelligence training in the netherlands Artificial Intelligence training in Japan

When is it coming? : Month of April and May 2019 (dates to be announced soon!)