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For Companies

1. What can deepkapha.ai do for my company?

We offer several programs developed based on our unique HDWA methodology. They are accelerated AI Workshops,  hands-on AI Trainings for executives and engineers and running full-scale AI Engineering Projects. Contact us for more details at project@deepkapha.ai  for more details.

2. Where can I see the impact of AI for my company and how do I get my management on board of AI transformation projects?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the most innovative force since the invention of electricity in the late 1800s that is set to transform practically all known industries. Yet it is extremely hard to get a grasp on it leave alone convincing management to believe and invest in this disruptive yet transformative technology. Through our unique HDWA methodology we help executives and engineers map all viable AI projects together. Contact us for more details at project@deepkapha.ai

3. Which industry verticals does deepkapha.ai specialise in?

Our approach revolves around engineering advise for Machine Learning / Deep Learning solutions and they are very industry-agnostic. So far we have advised CxOs and engineering teams in Healthcare, Telecom, Manufacturing and Education Sector. Contact us for more details at project@deepkapha.ai

4. How can I get my engineering teams trained in AI?

We create custom-built yet comprehensive training programs for your engineering teams based on our unique HDWA methodology. Trainings can vary between one week to several weeks program depending on your choice. We bring our latest research into your enterprise so your engineers can work with cutting edge yet proven models and algorithms. For more information please click here or contact us at training@deepkapha.ai

5. How can we partner/collaborate with deepkapha.ai?

We are currently collaborating with world’s leading enterprise companies such as IBM, Naver Labs etc. Contact us for more details at project@deepkapha.ai


1. Where do I start with AI / Deep Learning or Machine Learning?

There are several ways to get started with AI. It is advisable to first follow a machine learning track and then move to the deep learning. We strongly recommend using Coursera’s deep learning training by Andrew Ng or the faster growing fast.ai platform. Also do follow popular repositories including one created by us at  Github to learn more.

2. How can I make a difference, through AI?

After having followed the above trainings — whether MOOCs, bootcamps or other types, its is time to embark on more practical applications of AI. This can be in the area of healthcare, automotive, agriculture, manufacturing or any other industry. Identify a problem that you can solve with Machine Learning or Deep Learning. Define a hypothesis, get enough data and start training on it. This is the only way you can start experiencing real difference you can make with AI.

3. Can I get involved with deepkapha.ai? If so, how?

Currently we are in beta open for AI Researchers who are already conducting some form of research in Machine Learning , Deep Learning or Artificial Intelligence. Researchers in our DeepRRP (Deep Learning Remote Residency) Program want to enhance their profile, enhance their research and write new and breakthrough research with us. They are typically in University and can enroll in capacity of “visiting scientist” or more active roles.

Applications for enrolment can be sent through the Enroll button on the Reseach page

4. Where can I get specific answers or help in my research?

As suggested in above questions — best is to explore online forums within Coursera, Udacity, fast.ai or even competition platforms such as Kaggle (for datasets etc) or arXiv (for more relevant research). We also recommend keeping your eyes and ears open for platforms such as Github for projects and code, Stackoverflow for solving silly annoyances in software, platform or technology sensitive subjects and several other scientific journal reading for your specific field of interest, be it Robotics and Deep Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision


1. What does AI Philanthropy mean and how does deepkapha.ai go about it?

We work with our partners across the globe to bring the same latest AI training that the best engineers in the world have, to practically anyone in the world. We have developed custom-build workshops and training programs so as to help learners get up to speed with the latest skills while our partners ensure that the logistics are in place. If you wish to conduct this training or partner with us on AI Philanthropy, please contact us at project@deepkapha.ai.