Tutorials, Tools and More

We build and open-source AI algorithm implementations, tools for managing research infrastructure, and software libraries for training and analyzing models.

Python, Julia

AI-ML-DL Tutorial

Comprehensive tutorial on AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.



Breakthrough deep learning activation function using the Richard’s Curve


Capsule Network Implementation

First Tensorflow implementation of Capsule Networks that hit the internet.


Deep Learning in Healthcare

Comprehensive Deep Learning Tutorials with Research and Code in Healthcare



A special library is based on Tensorflow and has a similar API with it but designed for capsule layer/model.

Join us

Our DeepRRP (Deep Learning Remote Residency) Program is currently enrolling AI Researchers who are already conducting some form of research in Machine Learning , Deep Learning or Artificial Intelligence.

A typical AI Researcher in deepkapha.ai is entrepreneurial, independent and is mostly a Masters, PhD or Post-Doc. S/he has intuitions and uses these to already move fast with her vision to practical implementation.

While above requirements are good to have, we encourage you to apply If you have a great idea and have some form of working solution and are seeking to work with like-minded peers to publish research and develop a solution.

As a reward, you get to also participate in our AI Solutions team where we constantly engage with industry leaders to apply our AI Research into practical solutions.

A dream for a truly entrepreneurial researcher, wouldn’t you agree?