AI Training by coming to Holland

Mar 4, 2019

You have heard about AI transforming data into profit-making machine but still are looking for it to happen inside your own company?

Do not miss out on this unique opportunity to get insights from Tarry Singh, leader in AI training and technology. Tarry will share with you his insight and methods for transforming midsize as well as large companies into functioning AI companies in the Europe. Now we are bringing our expertise to The Netherlands! We at are delighted to announce our AI training partnership with Startel.  Our CEO Tarry Singh and Startel CEO Marco Wagenveld have combined forces to provide unique AI trainings pertaining to Big Data, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
These trainings are for both managers from various business domains as well as IT staff alike. The trainings will answer questions ranging from:
  • “How can I develop a fully trained IT team to tackle AI challenges?”
  • “How can I can or train my IT staff with latest skills to be relevant?”,
  • “How can I as an individual utilise the power of AI to improve my career prospects and do my job better?”
  • or for IT engineers “How can I quickly learn new Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques?”
Here is what the Tarry and Marco had to say of the partnership:
I have fond memories of Startel having being associated with it in my early formative years in IT in Groningen. Today has been growing fast globally and has trained over 22.000 managers and engineers alike and we felt it was time to look into our own home market! In Startel we found a trusted partner for our home base in the Netherlands, to help educate enterprises and professional learners with trainings in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
We strongly believe in bringing value and content to both Managers as well as individual learners with AI, together with Startel.  This we will do by explaining strong used cases, interactive workshops and hands-on training programs which will definitely help IT Managers as well as IT engineers build robust business case for AI adoption in their company.
– Tarry Singh, CEO
And Marco Wagenveld adds

Vanuit StarTel kondigen we met trots ons partnership aan met Deepkapha. Een gespecialiseerde en vooraanstaande kennispartner met haar oorsprong (Noord) Nederland. Tarry Singh, CEO, Founder & AI Researcher heeft in het verleden diverse trainingen bij StarTel gevolgd toen hij nog was verbonden aan Hanzehogeschool Groningen. Al geruime tijd zagen wij dat hij zijn kennis op het gebied van Artificial Intelligence over de gehele wereld brengt, maar nog niet in Nederland. Daarom leek het ons de hoogste tijd de kennis ook voor onze klanten en partners te ontsluiten.

We hebben gekozen voor een gesegmenteerd aanbod waarbij we in workshopvorm een AI sessie aanbieden waarin geïnteresseerden laagdrempelig kennis kunnen maken met AI. Daarnaast bieden we een 2-daagse praktijkworkshop aan voor management evenals een 3-daagse hands-on machine learning training. Zoals bij iedere StarTel training geldt; maatwerk is mogelijk en de trainingen kunnen door het gehele land aangeboden worden.

– Marco Wagenveld, CEO Startel

AI – with the help of Machine and Deep Learning, once installed within business services has the ability to pull data from across the organization, enabling rapid, better decisions and faster time to market. Managing AI transformation on behalf of the enterprise allows the discipline to grow as a critical competence, thereby enabling a truly ‘learning’ organisation.
To keep up the momentum and Startel have already worked on an introductory program for educating their client community. The program will consist of three parts:
AI Trainings Netherlands

AI Trainings Netherlands


When is it coming? : Month of April and May 2019 (dates to be announced soon!)

1. AI Introduction – What is AI?

This 2-3 hour discussion for anyone who is interested in AI (Big Data, Machine Learning and Deep Learning). It  will be about what AI is and what are the differences between Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies. It will primarily cover the following questions such as 1) What is AI and what value it brings to the enterprises? 2) What practical use-cases are out there that you can benefit from? What you need to learn in Big Data, Machine Learning and Deep Learning to develop mastery in tis field.

2.  AI Use Cases Workshop

In this 2-day workshop for Managers from various business domains and IT professionals. Here we will discuss in detail of a few use cases where AI has been adopted rapidly across the enterprises. We will share our practical uses cases as well as engage with the group to develop tangible use cases which they can apply within their own businesses together with their AI departments.

3. Hands-on Machine Learning Training

In this 3-day hands-on training for IT Managers and Professionals, we will deliver our proven beginner’s package which will comprise of in-depth theory lectures as well as practical hands-on coding exercises to enable learners to actually get a grip on AI inside their own departments.